Thursday, September 15, 2011

this pops up on fb every day

XYZ degree/diploma: has been chosen as the (this is what gets your attention) TOUGHEST course among all d courses including B COM (yes, they even bothered to include it in the list of the 'TOUGHEST' courses ever),CA,IAS,IPS n MBBS; by d (holy shit!) Guinness Book of World Records, on (this is what makes it sound authentic maxx) 18Aug2011. It has 58 university exams+ 130 series exams + 174 assignments (that's why you love your degree so much no?) within 4......years (max 750 workings days) - (obviously you slogged out for all those 750 working days).

All random dudes post dis on ur wall 4 at least 2hrs (perhaps they ran some complex simulation program, being the recipients of the TOUGHEST degree ever, to come to this number of 2hrs) & b proud to be a spammer!.. :) finally someone realized our pain n effort! ;-) (encore.)

if you ever posted this, please note: i do sympathize, sometimes.

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