Thursday, September 15, 2011

this pops up on fb every day

XYZ degree/diploma: has been chosen as the (this is what gets your attention) TOUGHEST course among all d courses including B COM (yes, they even bothered to include it in the list of the 'TOUGHEST' courses ever),CA,IAS,IPS n MBBS; by d (holy shit!) Guinness Book of World Records, on (this is what makes it sound authentic maxx) 18Aug2011. It has 58 university exams+ 130 series exams + 174 assignments (that's why you love your degree so much no?) within 4......years (max 750 workings days) - (obviously you slogged out for all those 750 working days).

All random dudes post dis on ur wall 4 at least 2hrs (perhaps they ran some complex simulation program, being the recipients of the TOUGHEST degree ever, to come to this number of 2hrs) & b proud to be a spammer!.. :) finally someone realized our pain n effort! ;-) (encore.)

if you ever posted this, please note: i do sympathize, sometimes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

share trading is not entrepreneurial

Recently some team members in IIT Madras' e-cell suggested that we start an online share trading platform. Might get us back on track with events.

It used to surprise me in my second year that not a single e-cell in India actually focuses on product development. Including the e-cells of all the IITs. Most of us have got into the rut of business plan competitions and then almost every year somebody (these-a-days more than some) comes ahead with the above idea.

Sure most of us might feel that entrepreneurship is very MBAish and since we often talk about funding and investors hence commodities trading and futures are the next logical extensions.

They really are not.

Entrepreneurship is about the thrill of starting a new company. Identifying a problem, an opportunity and then working towards solving it. And it's not all social either. Most of the companies are indeed aimed towards generating more revenues. And that is what a e-cell should try and work on. Any event which focuses on idea generation, product development, market analysis, customer identification, selling (read: selling your product. not derivatives), structuring a young company, expansion, bootstrapping etc. should be encouraged.

All of the above points involve you as an entrepreneur sweating it out for something you made or believed in. Not living of somebody else's work.

I do not personally have anything against share trading and some such. It is required that you understand it if you are investing in the market. Hell today one would be stupid to not spend some time learning that. But, that it not what entrepreneurship is about. We should not be educating institute students about something which has no relation with them being entrepreneurial. In fact a person who does not believe in creating something and rather enjoys building money from money should ideally never opt to become an entrepreneur.

I ideally should not be talking about this, since I am still no entrepreneur. But hearing the same stuff year after year, I wanted to put my thoughts down. And most of the actual entrepreneurs are way too busy to write down about such mundane stuff anyways :)

Let's leave such interesting events and initiatives for more interested orgs in our institutes, shall we?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bloody recession

-->Turn off your TV! - according to the plunging cable ratings, many of you already have.
-->Don't use that guzzling engine - the latest figures indicate that many of you already don't have a car.
-->Travel light, reduce the carbon footprint - new turist arrival rates indicate that any footprints would be welcome!

Now that's what i call a recession! Yeh.. :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009


It's been ages since i posted anything.

Evidence: this post comes from a few of my fb updates :P

Prof: "Please, the library isn't near the coffee outlet, it is the other way around!"

Speaking of library, its been ages i have been there for reading, and by the looks of it, i might never be going back there..

Google's starting another majaar project (the usual way => profits from search invested into another biz, which will definitely flop, or prove to be economically unviable)

Read about it: here

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Die World Die!

Jeremy Clarkson while testing the: Ferrari Enzo, Jaguar XJ220, Pagani Zonda, McLaren F1, Ferrari F40, Porche Carrera GT (all togeather)

"Supercars are supposed to run over Arthur Scargill and then run over him again for good measure. They are designed to melt ice caps, kill the poor, poison the water table, destroy the ozone layer, decimate indigenous wildlife, recapture the Falkland Islands and turn the entire third world into a huge uninhabitable desert......all that before they nicked all the oil in the world."

Obviously he got carried away a bit by the moment.. :D

The video link (watch after 2:10)


Shruti: "There is this game that I have seen people play on the blogosphere, usually when they are out of topics to rant and rave about. Called Tag, it asks you to blog about something in particular, favorite songs, disastrous dates etc and then you pass the baton on, asking others to do the same. The rules of this one are as follows:
Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag up to 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose” "

Whatever. I, like my preceder, stick with books.

Now all that I have done in this internship of mine, is read. Read books, articles, presentations, papers and ocasionally write. So here goes my list of 15 books:
  1. The Toyota Way: The ultimate book, if you want to understand what's the future of making stuff (i hate the word mfg.) and why toyota beat the brains out of GM, Ford, Chrysler, Renault and later even BMW, Merc, Jaguar etcetera..
  2. Reality Check: Two words: Guy Kawasaki. The guy's brilliant, and his writing is 'brillianter' still. Explains everything abt entrepreneurship: from getting that billion dollar idea, to getting those first 1000 bucks as investment to finally managing ur own MNC. In his own words, hes a 'kick butt'
  3. Angels and Demons: Mast fast pace thriller. Da Vinci's nthing in comparison.
  4. Twenty Years After: From the romances of D'Artagnan, this is a very mature book about court intrigues in 17th century France. Reality dips in every line, nothing fancy, still classy.
  5. Three Musketeers: An age old classic. Focuses on brawn more than brains. Still works because of all the honour that the musketeers attach to their words.
  6. Lord of the Rings: Guess this should come very high in the list. HP is nothing in comparison. A very long and tiring read indeed, but the world is so carefully built, u cant help but be engrossed. PS: the level of detail. The bloke's invented languages for this, and comes with very detailed history about every tom, dick and harry (and there are several of them) that pops up in his world..
  7. Harry Potter saga: Problems - logical inconsistencies, crappiest ending ever, every blokes already read it, analyzed it, re-read it, saw the movie, read the fan-fiction, read extra details, and a few also know more than the author.
  8. Godfather: the book makes an offer, you cannot refuse :)
  9. Da Vinci Code: loved it more for the historical stuff then the storyline
  10. Sherlock Holmes: THE best detective of all times. But ofcourse, he always knows the answer, so seems far-fetched..
  11. Brave New World: is kinda scary..
  12. The Alchemist: transporta you to a different world altogeather
  13. Dracula: rocks
  14. The Dilbert Future: read it, re-read it.
  15. Right Ho, Jeeves: u need to read P.G.Wodehouse to understand why he is considered by many as the best comedy writer of all times. The loyal Jeeves always rushes in the dying moments to save the day. Reminds u of O'Henry style of sudden change.
That's it. My part's done. I was tagged by Shruti I inturn tag: Mamme, Bhondu, DAS, Arbit, Modda, Robo, Damroo, Nichoda.